«…il falegname del quartiere, ha la mano felicissima. Il legno, sapendo che lui lo ama, gli si abbandona.»
Eduardo Galeano

Haute Material: a company where architects and designers work in equipe and directly connected to the supply chain aiming to show the final customer the result that only a real collaboration can ensure.


Haute Material creations are unique pieces, made from old wood and fine, worked with respect, wisdom and craftsmanship. The raw material is selected and – while respecting their history that encompasses – “reinvented” through a unique blend of old and new, past and future, rigor and brilliance, which makes each piece of the collections an object of passionate modernity. The work is done by hand by master furniture makers of the Valtellina with an almost obsessive attention to detail. The woods are selected with expertise and love, the hands that work them are guided by respect for the material and for the memory contained in it, a respect and love that come from far away and are the most obvious manifestation of the genius loci.

The range of the collections Haute Material expands with the introduction of new species. The use of wood in Europe, such as larch and oak, renewed ethics of economy conscious. To enhance its own characteristics, the wood is subjected to thermal processes. The result is a very good effect of coloring without the use of chemical agents. As it happens for the fir, also for wood heat Haute Material he decides that the realization of its products include only treatments and natural products.

Made in Italy

More than 3 decades dedicated to wood. In these few words the synthesis of the life of a man who has managed to turn a passion into a successful business. Quality free from purely commercial logic rooted in popular culture of the places where he was born and raised. These are the roots of Haute Material undertaking where architects and designers work in a team and in direct contact with the supply chain in order to present the user with a result that only a real partnership can provide.

Haute Material The project takes shape in a time when minimalism reigns in taste and in the choices of the market. While complying fully with this trend, the idea is that very often we are witnessing an absence of soul and warmth: the old wood will then interpret their time confronting the newest materials and technology, with an evolution and a Additions to the Collection. These are works of design in which the base element are juxtaposed components in metal and glass, deliberately accentuating the contrast of materials and making co-star in the shape definition. This is made only by possibilie manufacturing capacity and taste that are typical of Made in Italy. The real one.