Antonio Benedetti

“I still often find myself thinking about why I wanted to graduate in architecture. The answer is always the same: “Boh?!?”.

Let’s say that among other things, it happened. I was a designer for fifteen years (architect sounds a bit pompous to me, I think there is only one in Valtellina and it’s not me). Construction, interiors, a bit of design … Now I deal with something else, or maybe not. I wonder if working the vineyards is doing territorial design … Possible?!? Another “Boh!”.

Be that as it may, in my time as a designer the time with Haute Material was the best one spent. “Ideas that come down as powerful as logs in rivers. Cozzano, splinter, get bogged down but in the end they always find their way “: this I would answer if they asked me to describe those days. And all in a human dimension. Rare goods.

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