Luca Pegolo

Born in 1971, he graduated in Architecture from the Turin Polytechnic. In 2005 he founded D + designstudio to deal with eco-sustainable design for architecture and the product. In 2009 he joined D + designstudio with the engineering firm S.P.I. of which he has been a partner since 2000, creating interesting synergies. ADI member, secretary of Turn since 2010, the first design community in Italy (

I believe that responsible and ethical design can be one of the building blocks for a better future: designing a product is an activity with a certain degree of responsibility that each designer shares with the manufacturing company and it is through the courage of each individual design choice that you can get to consciences and hearts.

I do not set design limits, I believe that engaging in multiple sectors and on multiple fronts, communicating with all the phases of the production chain and absorbing the most diverse know-how, is the way that leads to the achievement of true technological innovation.

In all my work, attention is focused on the end user and the environment in which he lives with particular attention to the little ones with whom it is not possible to compromise: every experience we submit them to will be part of what they will be tomorrow.

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