Mauro Brazzo

“I arrived in 1968, I grew up, I knew Galimba and I decided to define my theoretical studies with a degree in architecture, industrial design address at the Polytechnic of Milan. I acquire the qualification and begin my practical studies by starting to work as a freelancer.
At that point, my lack of aptitude for adopting the ostrich strategy led me immediately to face head-on with the bureaucracy (… and not only!) Inviting me to devote more attention to Interior Design (then known as interior furnishings).
The instinctive attraction to creativity in general leads me one day to meet Giuseppe Pruneri “Scarì”, a creative craftsman with an enlightened mind and sufficiently twisted for my tastes.
Multifaceted character, he explains to me who really is a “Carpenter” and helps to give free rein to my creative anarchy.
Since 2006 I have been collaborating with BDM Italia – Haute Material as Designer, graphic, artistic and grain consultant!
Attentive to life, I run, I cultivate the vineyards … and I still get excited.

Braian and ATDI my heart ”

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