Fuorisalone 2021 – Un mobile per la Costituzione italiana | InForme Armoniche

During the Fuorisalone (September 5th – 10th) we had the pleasure of opening our Haute Material LAB, with Open Days aimed not only at professionals.
In the afternoon of Friday 10 we concluded the Design Week with the “Armonia della forma” (“Harmony of form”) project, divided into two special moments:

Presentation to the press and the public of the project “A piece of furniture for the Italian Constitution”.

After the welcome greeting from Giuseppe Pruneri, it was Gerardo Monizza who introduced his project “A piece of furniture for the Italian Constitution”, followed by followed by the interventions of the speakers: Giuseppe Battarino magistrate, writer and scholar of the Constitution, architect Antonio Citterio, Marco Galimberti president of the Como Lecco Chamber of Commerce, Ilenia Brenna director of Enaip Cantù School, Stefano Soliano director of ComoNExT.


Exhibition-concert “InFormeArmoniche”

At the end of the presentation, the numerous participants were able to attend the artistic event in which the forms of Lux Bradanini‘s sculptures and the musical melodies composed by Carlotta Ferrari Valcepina. were united, involving them in a plastic and sound path.
In the space of Piazza Gorani in front of Haute Material LAB, a semi-transparent cylinder welcomed the pianist Gaia Ferrari who played the music.
“InForme Armoniche” takes place as an exhibition-concert in which the twelve sculptures by Lux Bradanini arranged in a radial pattern around the piano are illuminated following a musical path, in a sort of virtual clock that marks the time between music and form.

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