From Monday, October 9 to Saturday, October 14, we had the pleasure of hosting the exhibition “Gli accessoru dell’invisibile”, as part of the Milano Photofestival: an encounter between Lux Bradanini‘s sculptures and the photography of Loredana Celano, Miriana Corabi and Edoardo Romagnoli.

The opening of the exhibition, at 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 9, was accompanied by a soundtrack curated by Federico Maio with oriental percussion instruments (Santur) and analog synths: a vibrant sound carpet in dialogue with the works on display.

For more information see the page on the Milano Photofestival website: The Accessories of the Invisible – Milano Photofestival.

In the gallery (photo courtesy: Stefano Pozzi), our Haute Material LAB during the days of the exhibition.