From June 7 to 12, during Fuorisalone 2022, the space in front of our Haute Material LAB was enriched with a dedicated outdoor installation.

Referring back to ancient Greek (ξύλον – xylon, “wood” and φωνή – phonè, “sound”) we in fact conceived the installation “Xylophonia – Harmonic Veins” as a journey exploring the world of wood down to its deepest fibers.

On Friday 10, in particular, we greeted Milan’s Design Week with a convivial moment and a special event: percussionist and noise maker Andrea Murada led us to discover a new and additional value to our essences, making them vibrate and resonate during one of his engaging sound performances.

A thematic path placed in the evocative square of Torre Gorani welcomed visitors, leading them through various themes that characterize Haute Material’s collection (recovery, flame treatments, Harborica®, natural oxidation, surface finishes), interspersing our materials with the exhibition of Lux Bradanini‘s works.