Project Description


Emilio Nanni


“Cargo” is a revisiting of the etagère. It wants to be a current representation of the etagère in which the axiom “shape / function” helps in redefining and making it a contemporary object, functional to kitchen space or dining room. It is a presence having its own identity, that wants to maintain its language indipendence from the kitchen design, whatever it might be.

“Cargo” is born from the idea of a stair leaned against the wall, and this study offered the intuition of shelves of different deeps for those daily-use objects having various dimensions and weights, such as bottles, small appliances, kitchen books, spice pots, dried fruit, pasta, and so on. Cargo has an essential design in which two elements, side and bottom/shelf, cut across each other through the blended structure in bi-essence or bi-material.