Project Description



Arch. Giulio Iacchetti


From the design of Giulio Iacchetti and from the know-how of Haute Material, an absolutely unique object.

Preparing lunch and dinner together, cooking with the family and then sitting together at the table: these gestures best express the essence of living together, in “convivial” precisely. The kitchen and the table are the physical and emotional spaces around which the Italian family and home revolve.

The fulcrum of the kitchen is in fact an island which is at the same time a work surface equipped with a cooking plate, sink and filtering hood but which – if necessary – turns into a large table that can also accommodate 10 seats.


CONVIVIO was an opportunity for Haute Material for a real challenge. In a very short time, in fact, Giulio Iacchetti’s project was realized, giving life to a fully functional object. In doing this, the exquisitely artisan know-how has been able to open up to new areas of expertise.

For CONVIVIO, the tradition of “Made in Italy” gives rise to synergies with top-level partners. The engineering and design optimization were entrusted to the SPItech studio in Turin, while Linak was the technological partner for the movement of the various components. The partnership with Faber, which has specifically developed the filter hood, is also fundamental.


Due to its handling characteristics and the safety standards involved, CONVIVIO allows the use by a very large user and for this reason it has been the subject of interest by Design for All Italia, an organization whose promotion is among its objectives of “inclusive planning”.

After a careful evaluation process, in June 2016 the DfA-Quality Brand was assigned to CONVIVIO, assigned “in response to compliance with all the principles and the satisfaction of all the DfA requirements”.

These are the jury’s reasons in detail:

  • perform the kitchen and table functions in a single motorized system
  • easily adjust the height of the top to the various anthropometric, postural and usage requirements
  • have adequate safety against the possibility of crushing during the movement of the shelves
  • have a high formal quality and in the choice of materials
  • have simple and intuitive controls
  • have foreseen in a range of configurations suitable for multiple uses and environments
  • allow space savings by concentrating two functions in a single object

Further details are available by clicking on this link: DfA – Analysis of Convivio features.