Project Description


Renato Geraci

Antique fir from beams.

Also available on request in other woods from our Surfaces catalogue

Ten years after its creation, Genesi represents the maximum synthesis between sartorial craftsmanship and technological innovation.

Meeting table with impressive dimensions, developed and engineered starting from a concept by Renato Geraci, Genesi is an ancient fir monolith that seems to come to life thanks to the intervention of home automation. In addition to the automated opening of the seats and the four service corners , electric actuators and control boxes lift three turrets that emerge from the table top and provide power and video / USB wiring: the nature of wood is called to new life by the combination with hi-tech elements.

Due to the peculiarity of the product, each creation follows a rigorously “custom made” design, calibrated to the needs of the client (for size, number of seats, seat padding, presence or absence of automation).

A first configuration consists of 12 seats, with a length of 370 cm and a width of 165 cm.

It’s currently on display at Castello Pozzi (Milan), a 1929 charming building in Viale Berengario near City Life.

Pozzi Castle • Milano

Craftsmen meeting room • Trento

A larger version of Genesis (18 places, for about 570 cm. in length) is instead the result of a restyling conducted in collaboration with the architect Alberto Di Camillo, and was commissioned for the Board room of the Artisans and Small Businesses Association of the province of Trento.