Project Description

Stube – Hotel Estrel Berlino

Arch. Luigi Lanzi

Arch. Mauro Brazzo

The largest hotel in Berlin is undergoing an important process of functional and image restructuring, directed by the architect Luigi Lanzi.
The eclectic designer has decided to involve Haute Material to optimize the design and implementation of a series of interventions, including this restaurant that overlooks the large hall of the hotel. Referring to the concept of “stube”, Luigi Lanzi transmits to Haute Material an input of abstraction, revisiting its forms with a contemporary attitude.

STUBE is born, a sober and cosy room totally built in its wooden parts in ancient spruce, whose inner layer is evaporated, brushed and treated with natural finish.
A place where you can dine pampered by the sensations of a real “STUA”, defined by fresh and minimal geometries.