Giuseppe Pruneri

Creator and owner of the Haute Material project, Giuseppe Pruneri (Scarì) has a personality shaped by the unstoppable passion for nature and for the mountains in particular. Right from the start he approached woodworking with an artisan, almost artistic imprint, starting to sculpt.

After graduating from the Technical Drawing Institute of Furniture in Lissone, at only 20 years of age he decided to make his manual skills a profession and thus started the “La Bottega del Mobile” carpentry shop (from which BDM Italia).

Years of experience in bespoke furniture lead him to refine himself stylistically, developing a path that in 2005 leads to the Haute Material project, with feedback from the international market that immediately recognizes the value of so much passion, taste and professionalism.
Over time, a team of architects and designers goes to support him in his action in direct contact with the production chain, made up of skilled carpenters, able to provide the end customer with a result of the highest level.

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