The wood has a soul and a thousand stories to tell.

Haute Material has the experience, the knowledge, the instinctive vocation for giving life to the wood.

Retail e Office

Haute Material LAB2021-07-21T12:29:24+00:00
Chopard Boutique – St. Morit2019-10-07T14:14:06+00:00
Ponte di Legno – Office2019-03-19T14:48:34+00:00
Craftsmen meeting room – Trento2019-03-19T14:19:52+00:00
Showroom Colmar – Fuorisalone 20172021-06-17T09:57:37+00:00
Shoes shop – Ponte di Legno (BS)2019-03-19T18:30:48+00:00
Showroom Colmar – Milano2021-06-17T10:12:36+00:00
Gelateria – Brescia2021-06-17T09:59:57+00:00
Colmar Lab – Fuorisalone 20162021-06-17T10:07:12+00:00
Panzeri S.p.A.2019-03-19T13:39:09+00:00
Petraviva Showroom2021-06-17T09:54:16+00:00
Flanella – women’s store in Bologna2021-06-17T09:56:03+00:00


Berlino – Hotel Estrel – Grill2021-11-02T09:24:21+00:00
Berlino – Hotel Estrel – Portofino2021-11-02T09:25:19+00:00
SPA – Ponte di Legno2019-10-11T09:03:00+00:00
Wine Table2019-10-11T13:34:52+00:00