Marco Guerini

Born in Milan in 1986, he grew up in Ponte di Legno, a charming village in the Lombard mountains, then graduating in Building Engineering Architecture in Brescia.

He worked at Boffi USA for a short period before graduation, and immediately after at Lissoni Associati, where he had the opportunity to get in touch with international architects and designers. It is thanks to this last experience that he literally falls in love with attention to detail and proportions, distinctive characteristics of what he turns out to be a real master: Piero Lissoni.

Today he collaborates with various professionals, in an era where he believes that sustainability is the only way forward, with the firm will to overcome the dualism between Beauty and Function. As a designer, he starts collaborating with Haute Material in 2014, finding himself in perfect harmony with the soul and vision of Giuseppe Pruneri: to combine the modern and light shapes of our time with the living material of wood, worked as it once was, by hand, in the mountains.

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