Renato Geraci  –

Eclectic artist, Renato Geraci freely experiments his creative talent ranging from fashion to industrial design, from artistic installations to activities related to the publishing world. From the land of origin, Sicily, has drawn a particular Mediterranean humus and the refined taste of artistic craftsmanship, from the capital it has absorbed the sense of history and the aesthetic refinement of the Roman ‘bon vivre’; in Milan he learned the rhythms of industrial productivity and the codes of the advanced “fashion system”. His debut took place in high jewelery, where he immediately applied his creativity in material and functional experimentation on the one hand, with extreme attention to detail on the other. Her creations have been chosen and published by important fashion magazines including: Vogue, Donna, Mood, Amica, D Repubblica, Elle, Marie Claire, Tatler. Consulting for fashion, design, cosmetics and high-level publishing projects enrich and complete artistic and professional growth

In 2007 the meeting with Giuseppe Pruneri, owner of BDM ITALIA. For the company, he creates the HAUTE MATERIAL brand, dealing with the construction of the image and communication as artistic director. For the brand itself it also creates new collections of tables.