Don Ferrante’s library contained perhaps three hundred books: the most important – ironically Manzoni – for an intellectual of his era, the 17th century”

Also for 2024 Haute Material experienced the Design Week by opening itself to visitors of the Fuorisalone in the suggestive square of Torre Gorani and presenting Don Ferrante’s Library, a rich catalog of materials from which our works originate.

Our Library is – obviously – imaginary, but it contains real samples of tree essences in book form.
Don Ferrante, with his “words”, with his readings, imagined himself happy in his world (but we know how it ended): with these “woods”, chosen with care and passion, high quality and of design. We build a better world.

Built in brushed and painted cedar; it is removable and can travel.

Concept: Gerardo Monizza
Collaboration: Antonio Citterio
Production: Haute Material
Coordination: NodoLibri