Kaori Shina & Riccardo Nardi

Kaori Shiina

After earning a Bachelor in Art and Literature at the Seijo University, she graduated from the Tokyo Designer Gaguin Institute. From 1987 during 18 years she collaborates with De Pas-D’Urbino-Lomazzi. From 2005 she has her own company developing activities in the field of industrial and interior design.

Riccardo Nardi

As Industrial Designer graduated from ISIA in 1982 in Rome, he worked mainly in Milan, Tuscany and Switzerland focusing on lighting, product, furniture and public design both as an independent author and internal to well-known Italian and international companies.


In 2012 they started together their own design company. They are now active as Product Designer, Event coordinator and Design Directors for Japanese and Italian companies. In 2013 SHIINA+NARDI DESIGN organized J+I at the “Oriental design week” during the Milano FuoriSalone. In 2014 they produced a first edition of Hands on Design for the Milano Design Week, which since 2015 which has then become their cultural and commercial brand. Their large network of Designers and Artisans, created mainly in Japan and Italy, produces objects of high research and design value, known today in many countries around the world.

Currently they are also developing a new E-Commerce, “Memories of Italy”, where in the form of a personal blog they present and market handcrafted objects typical of Italian life, with an historical and immutable design given by their ancient function.




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