Giovanni Tomasini & Giulia Kron Morelli

Giovanni Tomasini and Giulia Kron Morelli, are two young designers from Brescia, emerging talents who can boast collaborations with major national and international brands. Their projects have been exhibited in the most important fairs and events in the sector, winning numerous awards and recognition.
Alongside their work as designers, they are Art Directors in various companies, as well as trainers and teachers in colleges and universities.

Giulia Kron Morelli is a designer and maker, one of the founders of FabLab Brescia, a laboratory dedicated to new digital technologies; Giovanni Tomasini, also a designer, is specialized in sustainable design. The collaboration between the two gives rise to innovative and original projects that combine the sphere of modern technologies with that of tradition and natural materials.

The meeting with the brand HAUTE MATERIAL, a company that perfectly matches the design philosophy of the designers Tomasini and Kron Morelli, opens the way to new ways of looking at wood through new and suggestive applications.

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