OPUS LIGNEUM – Expo Dubai 2020

Opus Ligneum was born from the idea of seeing and using wood on the floor, in a different way of conventional parquet. It reveals itself as a high-design alternative to the classic carpet as well as representing an unprecedented application of solid wood.

Opus Ligneum is a coating that can give the warm and soft sensation of wood even to the coldest flooring, showing off different co/ors and a refined workmanship through a modem geometrie texture that furrows the surface.
The anchoring of the modular parts is guaranteed by a sturdy metal element, machined from solid, which acts both as a connector and as a glittering decoration, perfectly set into the body of the panels themselves. The stereotype of wood as an archaic raw materiai is cleared through customs, through a form that can easily contain technological elements such as LED lights, optical fiber, heating elements, cab/es and proximity and pressure sensors.

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